The Perfect Match: The Last of Us Content Finds Its Home in Dead by Daylight


The Last of Us Content May Be a Poor Fit For Fortnite

In the world of gaming crossovers, The Last of Us and Fortnite might seem like an unlikely pair due to their tonal differences. However, there’s a game that offers a seamless fit for The Last of Us content: Dead by Daylight.

Imagine the iconic characters Joel and Ellie making their way into Dead by Daylight as Survivors. Joel, known for his resourcefulness, could craft a shiv to counter killer grabs, adding a thrilling element to gameplay. Meanwhile, Ellie could utilize Listen mode to track down the menacing killers lurking in the shadows.

The eerie Clicker from The Last of Us is a standout choice for a Killer in Dead by Daylight. Its unique abilities, like using spores strategically, would keep Survivors on their toes. To complete the experience, locations from The Last of Us, such as the desolate mall from Left Behind or the haunting Firefly Hospital, would serve as perfect maps for the game.

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In the world of gaming, it’s common to speculate about potential crossovers. But in the case of The Last of Us and Fortnite, it seems unlikely. The seriousness of The Last of Us themes and the stark contrast with Fortnite’s cartoony art style make this collaboration a distant dream. However, Dead by Daylight, a game with a dark and violent ambiance, is the ideal canvas for The Last of Us content.

When we envision The Last of Us content in Dead by Daylight, it’s the Survivors that steal the spotlight. Joel and Ellie are natural choices for this potential collaboration. Joel’s shiv-crafting skills could provide players with a “get-out-of-jail free card” against killer grabs, while Ellie’s Listen mode would give them an edge in tracking the lurking dangers. The scavenging and crafting elements from The Last of Us could also be integrated into Dead by Daylight, allowing players to find parts for crafting various items.

Skins for Joel and Ellie are a no-brainer. Players could don Joel’s older look from Part 2 or opt for Ellie’s younger appearance with a red shirt and longer ponytail. Moreover, inspired by the HBO series, there could be outfits that transform them into Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey look-alikes. And as a bonus, a Legendary Outfit based on Abby could be introduced, offering players the chance to embody this formidable character.

In Dead by Daylight, Killers play a pivotal role, and The Last of Us has some intriguing options. The Clicker stands out as an obvious choice. Although fully blinding players wouldn’t be fair, limiting its eyesight while enhancing its hearing could create a balanced experience. Players could even place spores to infect opponents, adding an extra layer of strategy and terror to the game. The Clicker’s distinct clicking noises could serve as a constant reminder of its presence.

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To complete this potential collaboration, new maps would be necessary. The infected tower from The Last of Us Part 2 could provide verticality not typical in Dead by Daylight’s maps. The area where Abby fought the Rat King or the post-Joel choice version of the Firefly Hospital could also be fitting options. Additionally, the mall from Left Behind would offer a unique and chilling setting.

With an array of options for maps, Killers, and Survivors, one can only hope that The Last of Us and Dead by Daylight consider uniting forces in the future.

Dead by Daylight is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, offering gamers the opportunity to experience this thrilling crossover.

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