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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) has finally been released on the 17th of September 2013, almost two years after its initial announcement in November 2011. It is an open-world game set in Los Santos, a fictional city that closely resembles Los Angeles and it has more than one million inhabitants just as real-life LA does! Main Characters of GTA V are: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. Each character has his personality and skill sets, and you can switch between them to meet your needs or simply get to know their skills better.

Michael De Santa – The Retired Bank Robber

Michael is a retired bank robber who has been living in luxury for about two years. One day he receives a call from his wife, who tells him that she’s leaving him for her yoga instructor. This makes Michael snap, so he kidnaps his son Jimmy and forces him to live with him at his mansion in Rockford Hills. Michael doesn’t want to get back into the life of crime, but he can’t stand being alone anymore. He enlists Franklin, an old high school friend, to help pull off a bank robbery together with Trevor Phillips. The three end up failing miserably due to Franklin’s inexperience, while Trevor betrays them. However, they are all spared by Lester Crest and then team up once again to rob a Union Depository full of gold bullion under orders from Devin Weston. The three complete the job after managing to evade death countless times thanks to Michael’s cool-headedness. Afterward, all three retire from their criminal lives forever as they each have their share of money and whatnot (except for Trevor).

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Area Kill is Michael’s special skill. While in action, Michael enters a state resembling bullet time, which gives him the ability to slow time and get a competitive edge in shootouts. This talent may be improved to raise its maximum storage capacity, which directly influences its duration. When the Special skill Stat Bar is fully charged, Michael’s special ability lasts for 30 seconds. This enables Michael to concentrate and plan his actions and targeting while shooting, much to John/Jack Marston’s Dead Eye (level one) ability in Red Dead Redemption and the Bullet Time effect in the Max Payne series. The action, including Michael’s movements and the weapon used, slows down as the power is consumed, and the screen takes on a blue hue. This power can only be used by Michael when he is walking; it cannot be used while he is driving, except when the camera switches to him and he’s granting Tracey or Jimmy money in his car; in this case, the power can be used, but it cannot be used again after it has ended or drained. Michael’s Special is increased via special combat techniques. Michael’s particular skill is increased in varying degrees by the following circumstances:

  • If he gets Headshot: 7.5% bonus
  • Under 25% health: 20% bonus
  • Maintaining high speeds when driving: little benefit

Trevor Philips – The Psychopath

Trevor Philips is a psychopath with borderline personality disorder who is impulsive and unpredictable. He is addicted to methamphetamines and has a penchant for violence. Trevor was abandoned by his mother at age six when she couldn’t cope with her mental illness, which led to him becoming very anti-social. His father left him for dead in a car crash when he was just 15 years old, which led him to self-medicate with drugs. Trevor’s parents are never seen or heard from again after this incident so he assumes they’re dead but doesn’t care either way. Trevor can be either your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you react to his outrageous behavior.

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Red Mist, Trevor’s unique ability, effectively makes him invincible by allowing him to take less damage while dealing greater harm to others. In addition to cutting his adversaries’ damage in half, Trevor’s anger increases as soon as the ability is used. Since Trevor cannot die while the power is in use, he may survive potentially fatal situations like explosions, severe accidents, or being struck by trains or other locomotives. Time slows down a little, but not as much as Michael’s or Franklin’s abilities to make things go slower. The screen becomes orange and ripples appear and buzz. This talent may be improved to raise its maximum storage capacity, which directly influences its duration. When Trevor’s special skill stat bar is at its maximum, it lasts for 30 seconds. He can withstand harmful to fatal damage from things like fire, explosives, cougar assaults, and rhino cannons. He also uses a unique melee attack on adversaries that are nearby. Sadly, even though he doesn’t sustain as much damage, he is still vulnerable to the effects of these assaults (body flying during an explosion, cars running over him, cougars taking him down, etc.), occasionally leaving him defenseless if attacked repeatedly by grenades, rockets, animals, or vehicles. In Rampages, Trevor’s ability is featured in a reduced form, but he may still use his particular skill to give himself an advantage over the targets. He can only use his unique talent when walking. When triggered, Trevor will shriek a variety of outrageous insults. Trevor’s particular ability grows as a result of things that make him upset. His potential is increased in varying degrees by the following situations:

  • Mission failure: little bonus
  • Damage is taken: minor bonus
  • The vehicle rammed: minor bonus
  • Cyclist struck: minor bonus
  • Kill headshot: 7.5% bonus
  • if the explosion kills at least one pedestrian, you get 15% more
  • maintaining high speeds when driving: little benefit

Franklin Clinton – The Protagonist

Franklin Clinton is one of three playable protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He’s a small-time gangster who has always dreamed of being a big shot. One day he sees an opportunity to move up in the world and seizes it. Franklin lives by his own set of rules because he learned early on that this was the only way to survive on the streets. Chop is his best friend because they share similar rough backgrounds, but Chop will always be more into guns than cars which make for an interesting friendship. Franklin learns from Michael that there are three ways to get what you want: money, power, or violence. So, when Franklin gets a chance to make some easy money with a little violence thrown in as well, he takes it without hesitation.


Franklin has the power to slow time down when driving any type of land vehicle. Because of this, he can rapidly and accurately execute precise moves when taking turns at high speed. This talent may be improved to raise its maximum storage capacity, which directly influences its duration. Franklin has a particular power that starts working at one-third of its greatest capacity and lasts for 30 seconds. The moment the power is used, the Gameworld slows down and the screen turns somewhat green. All of the lights on the screen also grow bleary and start to form trails. The vehicle’s controls become more fluid, enabling Franklin to maneuver risky twists and slides while maintaining control of the car’s speed, as well as increasing performance in general. This reminds me of the “Zone” feature in the Rockstar Games-produced Midnight Club video game series, which lets players slow down time to maneuver around traffic. Only ground motor vehicles, including automobiles, motorbikes, and even the Rhino tank, are compatible with this ability. This is especially helpful if Franklin uses the cannon to shoot someone. Drive-by shootings are likewise covered by their unique ability. Even if only a little, Franklin’s particular ability may be increased by just riding about with him. The likelihood of developing skills increases with the severity of the situation. Franklin’s unique skill is increased in varying degrees by the following events

  • Drifting around sides: Constant Bonus
  • If a close vehicle misses at high speed: Little Bonus
  • Driving the wrong way with traffic: Constant Bonus
  • Driving above 90% of the maximum speed of the vehicle: Constant Bonus


The main characters of GTA V have many different abilities. Franklin, for example, can slow down time to get out of tight situations. He can also summon a monster from the sky to attack anyone who stands in his way. Michael’s abilities are more oriented toward combat, as he can level up his strength and stamina stats with each kill that he makes. Lastly, Trevor has powers related to chaos; he can create a whirlwind around himself or send cars flying at enemies with just one punch.

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