Call of Duty: A Few Weeks Delayed Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0


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Call of Duty

We’re so excited for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0’s new map, even though the delay means we have to wait a little bit longer.

Call of Duty
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Fans of Call of Duty, good news! The release of the new season is a little later than anticipated. Activision revealed on Twitter on Wednesday that the new season would now debut on February 15 instead of the originally anticipated date of February 1. Major enhancements will be made to both Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.0 when the season patch is released. We are eager to investigate it!

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We are anxiously anticipating the newest update! According to the Call of Duty Twitter account, it will have ranked multiplayer, new maps, modes, weaponry, and more in addition to a scaled-down version of the Warzone 2.0 battlefield. We’re excited that these fantastic new additions are coming, even though we can’t wait to learn more, especially regarding the ranked mode and the new Warzone 2.0 map.

Activision has actually been forced to postpone a new Call of Duty game’s second season for the second year in a row due to scheduling concerns, as COD-specific Twitter account Charlie Intel notes. The release date for COD Vanguard season 2 was postponed from February 2 to February 14 of last year; this year’s Modern Warfare 2 postponement follows a strikingly similar pattern.

The next Call of Duty season won’t be here for a while, but at least we’re not waiting alone. Activision has been forced to postpone the launch of a new season for the past two years in a row. Similar to this year’s Modern Warfare 2 delay, COD Vanguard season 2 was postponed from February 2 to February 14 of last year.

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