Age of Wonders 4 announced for Xbox Series, PS5 and PC | Release on May 2


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Age of Wonders 4

We’re excited to announce that the real-time strategy game sequel Age of Wonders 4 will be launching on May 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store)! Thanks to Paradox Interactive and developer Triumph Studios, we can all enjoy this amazing game.

Age of Wonders 4
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Here’s an overview, courtesy of Paradox Interactive:


Age of Wonders 4 is a fantasy strategy game in which you may manage your own magical kingdom! With each round, you may expand your empire and manage a faction that grows and evolves. Enjoy the unique combination of 4X strategy and turn-based tactical battle. Thank you for taking part!

There’s a new age of triumph for strategy lovers! Our award-winning series has gone to the next level with empire building, role-playing, and warfare. The new storytelling event system and customizable empires provide an endlessly replayable experience. With each game, you’re adding a new chapter to your amazing saga.

The Wizard Kings will live forever! They have returned to reclaim their rightful position among mankind as gods. To develop your people, claim and master the Tomes of Magic. Prepare for an epic fight that will decide the course of history.

Age of Wonders 4
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Key Features of Age of Wonders 4

Create the Empire of Your Wildest Fantasies

  • I’m so excited to create my own followers by combining different bodily forms, societal traits and arcane powers. I can build anything from a clan of cannibal halflings to mystic moon elves. This is the perfect opportunity to crafting my favorite fantasy tropes.
  • Enchant your armies with powerful magic and see your people change into angelic beings or scions of chaos to defeat your enemies! With this magic, you will be able to change the physical appearance of your people and evolve them into stronger versions of themselves. So seek out these tomes of magic and use them to your advantage!
  • Come join us in seeking glory through brutal domination, cunning alliances, or ultimate arcane knowledge! Leave your legacy imprinted on the very fabric of the realm!

Strategy Meets Role-Playing Like Never Before

  • There’s so much potential in every choice you make! You can open up new possibilities and gain tactical advantages. With deep, multilayered strategy, you can keep trying new tactics and exploring new powers. It’s always exciting to see what you can discover next.
  • Battles are more tactical and exciting than ever before, with morale systems and dozens of units on each side. With so much at stake, every battle is a fresh challenge to test your mettle.
  • There’s so much variety in empires, units, and environments that you’ll never get bored. Age of Wonders is more moddable and open-ended than ever before, so you can always find new ways to play. Thanks for everything, Age of Wonders!

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Make Your Mark on a Vast, Reactive World

  • I love discovering new places and things, especially in video games. There’s always something new to find, whether it’s a hidden bonus level or a secret item. I love being able to explore all the different variations and combinations of settings and features. It’s like a whole new world every time I play. Thanks for everything, video games!
  • The new event system in 4X games provides amazing levels of storytelling that you can shape with your decisions. Your choices will affect everything from the growth of cities and roaming armies, to world-warping magical effects. With this system, you can really make your mark on the game world. Thanks for everything!
  • This game is about more than simply winning or losing! You may elevate your rulers to an in-game pantheon and discover new ways to personalise your experience. In successive games, encounter your own creations as possible competitors or friends, and experience the next chapter in your own adventure! Today, lead your kingdom to glory.

Watch the Age of Wonders 4 teaser for the Announcement below. The first screenshots are available in the gallery.

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