New Bioshock 4 Release Date: Longer Wait Ahead


Bioshock 4 may be five years away

Bioshock enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a more protracted wait than anticipated! The fourth installment in the beloved Bioshock series, tentatively titled “Bioshock 4,” appears to be five years away from its release.

A decade has passed since the last mainline entry graced the world of Bioshock, and it seems that the next chapter is keeping fans in suspense for an extended period.

Back in 2019, 2K and Cloud Chamber unveiled the project that would become Bioshock 4, igniting the excitement of fans worldwide. Now, four years have slipped by since that announcement, and while numerous rumors about the game’s content have surfaced, there’s been a notable absence of concrete details. According to the latest insights, Bioshock 4 is destined to transport players into an open-world adventure set in the chilling Antarctic city of Borealis.

Recent information concerning Bioshock 4 hints that the game won’t see the light of day in 2025, as previously rumored. Reports circulating from Twisted Voxel indicate that Cloud Chamber Senior Concept Artist Mark Sztaba’s ArtStation profile briefly suggested a 2028 release for Bioshock 4. A quick glance at Sztaba’s LinkedIn profile reveals that he has been part of the Cloud Chamber team for the past seven months.

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Although Sztaba has since removed the revealing entry from his ArtStation profile, diligent fans managed to capture screenshots, further fueling speculation about the game’s release date.

If these insider insights prove accurate, fans might need to exercise even more patience, as they could be waiting another five years for Bioshock 4. The game would then have been in development for a total of nine years, marking a significant fifteen-year gap since the release of Bioshock Infinite. Such a prolonged development cycle stands out even in today’s gaming landscape.

Persistent reports suggest that Cloud Chamber has encountered challenges throughout the creation of Bioshock 4. Leaks have hinted at multiple revisions to the game since its initial announcement, possibly due to management issues and uncertainties regarding its profitability. Fans have speculated that many of these development woes stem from the departure of Bioshock creator Ken Levine from the project, following the closure of Irrational Games. The Bioshock community has rallied for Levine’s return to the series, but he is currently engaged in a project called “Judas” under Ghost Story Games.

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It’s important to note that neither 2K Games nor Cloud Chamber has officially announced a release date for Bioshock 4, so it’s wise to approach this information with some skepticism. The 2028 release date could be a simple typographical error on the part of the artist, prompting its removal.

Should Bioshock 4 indeed grace our screens in 2028, it could signify that the development team is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for devoted fans of the series. However, it also raises questions about potential challenges in the development process. Let’s hope for the former, as fans eagerly anticipate the fruits of their long-lasting patience.

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