Get Ready for Trepang2 on PS5 This October: Dive into Supernatural Combat Thrills


Trepang2 Release on PS5

Back on June 21, Trepang2 made its explosive debut on Steam for PC gamers. But hold onto your seats, because Team17, the publisher, and Trepang Studios, the developers, have some electrifying news for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series fans, and it’s just around the corner. So, when exactly is this supernatural first-person shooter game set to drop? And what juicy details have they spilled? Well, we’ve got the full scoop right here!

Trepang2 PS5 and Xbox Series Release Date

Mark your calendars because Trepang2 is set to hit the PS5 and Xbox Series on October 2, 2023. That’s right, both consoles will be getting their piece of the action simultaneously.

You can already secure your copy with a pre-order, priced at a reasonable $29.99. And the cherry on top? Pre-ordering scores you an “exclusive outfit customization DLC,” so you’ll be suiting up in style.

A Peek into Trepang2 on PS5

Let’s delve into what Team17, the publisher, has to say about this game in their official synopsis:

“Trepang2 serves as a spiritual successor to the adrenaline-pumping, over-the-top first-person shooters from the mid-2000s. It marries high-octane, first-person gun-fu gameplay with an earth-shattering heavy metal soundtrack, plunging players into a supernatural odyssey of death, mayhem, and corporate conspiracies. Stepping into the boots of a newly enhanced super-soldier liberated from a clandestine government facility, players will arm themselves to the teeth with a vast arsenal of weapons while honing an array of newfound superhuman powers. All the while, they’ll be pursued by their former captors and a slew of otherworldly adversaries.”

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Key Features of Trepang2

According to the official Trepang2 website, this latest combat extravaganza promises an overdose of action. Players can expect to navigate a world awash with bullets, bedlam, and ferocious showdowns. They’ll have to employ their combat prowess against a barrage of highly-trained special forces operatives, cult devotees, and supernatural adversaries, all hell-bent on their demise.

Moreover, players will confront a web of supernatural intrigues and emerge victorious. They must battle relentlessly, engage in lightning-fast shootouts, and emerge triumphant no matter how dire the circumstances. They’ll also have the option to tap into supernatural abilities, including superhuman strength, time manipulation, and invisibility. With a generous serving of close-quarters combat and intense gunplay, be prepared to pummel, slide, kick, and blast your way through adversaries as you advance in Trepang2.

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