SHOCKING! Spider Man 2 Fans Erupt in Outrage Over PS5 Special Edition – You Won’t Believe Why!


Spider Man 2 PS5

As the highly anticipated release date of Marvel’s Spider Man 2 looms just a shade under two months away, PlayStation sought to stoke the fires of fan excitement by offering a special edition PS5 console, custom plates, and controller. These enticing items were initially unveiled about a month ago and have recently started shipping to eager pre-order customers. However, despite the initial allure promised by the announcement trailer, it appears that fans are far from pleased with the overall design of this special edition package.

The primary point of contention, it seems, revolves around the right side of the console. A glance at the Spider Man PS4 subreddit reveals a burgeoning thread where fans express their disappointment, branding the design as “lazy” and a “quick cash grab.” The left side of the system, which has been showcased extensively, boasts an eye-catching red and black motif meant to evoke tendrils reminiscent of Venom’s influence on Spider Man.


However, when one examines the neglected right side, as illustrated in a Reddit post by u/DEXu09, it becomes evident why numerous fans are raising their voices in discontent. On this side, none of the intricate tendril design is present, and instead, it is entirely clad in a nondescript black finish. The Spider Man logo is haphazardly placed towards the lower portion of this side, devoid of the centered and detailed presentation seen on the left. Some vocal critics have gone as far as to assert that “better fan-made PS5 themes” surpass this official design.

Fortunately, for those who opt to display their PS5 horizontally, this lackluster side remains hidden from view. However, it is a source of disappointment for those who proudly showcase their consoles vertically. The saving grace may be the controller, which maintains a more consistent design compared to the system itself. Nevertheless, it still falls short of expectations, especially when considering the stellar aesthetics of Xbox’s Xbox Series X, exemplified by the release of the visually appealing Starfield merchandise.

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In other Spider Man 2 news, an intriguing tidbit emerged regarding the game’s official file size, inadvertently leaked through the special edition console’s packaging. Brace yourselves for some digital housecleaning, as Spider Man 2 is set to occupy a substantial 98GB of precious storage space. This is nearly double the space required by its predecessor, Spider Man: Miles Morales. While this heftier file size might raise hopes of a more expansive and content-rich gaming experience, we can only speculate until the game’s release on October 20th next month.

The discontentment swirling around the special edition PS5’s design highlights the passionate dedication of Spider Man fans and their high expectations for a beloved franchise. With the game’s launch fast approaching, it remains to be seen whether the gameplay and narrative of Spider Man 2 will be sufficient to quell these concerns and capture the hearts of fans worldwide. Until then, the debate over the console’s “lazy” design rages on, reminding us of the power and influence of the gaming community in shaping the industry’s offerings. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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