EnglishTodd Howard’s Hilarious Admission: Skyrim Re-released Thrice During Starfield’s Development



Unveiling Todd Howard’s Playful Acknowledgment of Skyrim’s Resilience Amid Starfield Creation

In a delightful turn of events, Todd Howard, the mastermind behind Bethesda, has taken a light-hearted stance on a recurring joke within the gaming community: the ceaseless reincarnations of Skyrim. Despite being engrossed in the development of Starfield, Howard, with a sense of humor as vast as Tamriel itself, has publicly addressed his knack for reinventing the iconic game.

Key Highlights:

  • Todd Howard’s candid admission regarding Skyrim’s multiple re-releases.
  • A heartwarming congratulatory message to the Starfield development team.
  • Howard’s humorous reference to the various versions of Skyrim, including VR and Anniversary editions.
  • Insight into the extensive timeline of Starfield’s creation.

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In a recent communication unveiled by Windows Central, just prior to the launch of Starfield, Howard extended a heartfelt message of congratulations to both the Starfield developers and the collective forces of Xbox and Bethesda. In a twist of self-awareness, Howard playfully acknowledges the undeniable truth that their journey towards crafting Starfield wasn’t without its own diversions. He recounts a creative process that weaved through multiple game releases, a path that included the likes of “Fallout 4, Skyrim SE, Fallout Shelter, Skyrim VR, Fallout 76, [and] Skyrim again…”

Within the message, Howard provides insight into the origins of Starfield’s conception, dating back to a formal pitch presented to the ZeniMax leadership in 2013. It’s a testament to Howard’s creativity and commitment that, over the course of a decade, three distinct iterations of Skyrim emerged. These include the remastered Skyrim: Special Edition in 2016, the immersive Skyrim VR for PSVR and PC released in 2017, and the enriched Skyrim: Anniversary Edition that made its debut in 2021.

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However, these four formally designated versions merely scratch the surface. Factoring in the game’s availability across various platforms—ranging from Steam and GOG to Epic and Game Pass—paints a vivid picture of Skyrim’s omnipresence, tallying well over a dozen renditions.

With the horizon of The Elder Scrolls 6 still distant, the question arises: how many more incarnations of Skyrim lie ahead? As Howard’s creativity persists, gamers can only await the next adventure, eagerly anticipating the next time they’ll don their armor in the ever-evolving world of Skyrim.

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