Nvidia GeForce Now Ultimate vs New Graphics Card | Which Would You like to Choose in 2023?


Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now Ultimate vs New Graphics Card As video games become more realistic, so does the need for more Powerful Hardware. 10 years ago you could have a GTX 1060 or 1650 for modern games. But now, RTX 2070 or 3070 are recommended for newer and more demanding games. If you want to stay one step ahead, be prepared to invest in serious hardware.

If you’re looking to buy a new Graphics Card, you might be surprised at how expensive it is. But there is another option that is more affordable in the long run. You can subscribe to a service that allows access to the RTX 3080 (and eventually the RTX 4080). This way you can play the game without spending that much money in the first place. Game streaming.

How is GeForce Now different?

Despite their short lifespans, game streaming services are not very popular. Some, like Google Stadia, have completely failed. But the concept is compelling. Instantly stream your games to any device with no setup or downloads. Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming service has three tiers:

Free, Priority ($9.99/month), Ultimate ($19.99/month). The free tier uses a “base rig”, while the priority and ultimate tiers offer 1080p at 60 fps and 4K resolution at 120 fps respectively. The latter uses hardware like the RTX 3080.

Nvidia upgrades the Ultimate tier significantly by upgrading his GPU to his RTX 4080 for the same price.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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Subscriber session duration is limited.

1 hour for Free, 6 hours for Priority, 8 hours for Ultimate. Nvidia says there’s no limit to how many times a member can start a new session per day, but restarting a session can take a long time if your level is low.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s a big change from how we used to play games locally, and it was a lot more reliable.

Nvidia’s cloud GPUs are not the same as those found in standard desktops. It’s actually based on his GA102 silicon, which is the same as the RTX 3080. The big difference is that it has more CUDA cores (9,216) and more GDDR6 memory (24GB). However, the bandwidth (600 GB/s) is not as good as the desktop card (760 GB/s). Additionally, the GeForce Now servers are based on the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX CPU with 16 cores and 28 GB of system memory.

Is the RTX 2070 Super Obsolete?

I upgraded everything in my PC except for my GeForce RTX 2070 Super a time ago, and I am starting to feel like it’s holding me back. My1440p@165Hz Asus examiner deserves better than this. You can read about my upgrade process then.

still, the RTX 3080 is a great option, If you are looking for a great relief for your current plates card. still, I am not willing to vend a order to buy one. Thankfully, Nvidia offers a GeForce Now subscription which allows you to basically rent the card. also, my LG C1 television has the GeForce Now smart television app, so I do not have to worry about running a line from my office into my living room to play games.

A Good Internet Connection Helps, a lot

You need a good internet connection to sluice games easily. For 4K resolution or 120 FPS, you need at least 45 Mbps pets. A wired Ethernet connection is stylish, but if you are using wireless, make sure you have a 5 GHz router.

I am lucky enough to have a gigabit fiber line and a router that can hit 1 GB/ s from my PC. This, combined with a Core i7- 12700K and 32 GB of DDR4, should be a enough flawless experience.

The Setup

still, all you have to do is subscribe up and download the app, If you want to start using Nvidia GeForce Now. You can use your GeForce Experience credentials to log in. After that, you will just need to sync your game libraries from places like Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Steam. Easy peasy!

Nvidia GeForce Now
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Nvidia GeForce Now has a ton of great features, like resolution upscaling and streaming quality. I set mine to’ Custom’, with a resolution of 1440p@ 120 fps and a maximum bitrate of 75 Mbps. It looks amazing!

It’s great that there is a’ test network’ option to make sure my setup is good to go. I need further than 75 Mbps bandwidth, 0 packet loss, and under 40ms quiescence.

Gaming at 1440p

I wanted to try Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, since it’s been recently streamlined. I enjoy the game on GOG, which occasionally works with GeForce Now. My first two attempts to load the game failed, but it eventually worked on the third pass. I turned shaft tracing to Ultra and DLSS to quality, and started playing. It was not great.

GeForce Now has a cool point where you can see your FPS in real- time by pressing CtrlG. My sluice is 120 FPS, but the game pars between 40- 50 FPS. Switching off shaft dogging and moving to Ultra settings pushes it up to around 70 FPS, but my heavily overclocked RTX 2070 Super manages around 85 FPS on these exact settings. It’s really helpful to be suitable to see this information while I am playing.

I mean, I knew it wouldn’t be the same as having an RTX 3080 in my machine, but 35 FPS on RT Ultra? That is not too far out from GeForce Now’s performance. Did I set my sights too high?

Nvidia GeForce Now
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I noticed that my Nvidia GeForce Now games were lagging and stuttering, so I checked the stats and saw that my clunk was 32 and there was some packet and frame loss. I decided to try using my old 50- bottom Cat 7 ethernet string, and it helped a little bit- my clunk dropped to 20 and the packet loss stopped, but the game’s FPS did not ameliorate and I still noticed some hitching.

It’s worth trying another game Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG. GOG has been having some lading issues recently, but it’s still worth a shot.

We have tested the RTX 3080 desktop, and it looks like it can hit 87 FPS@ 1440p with all the RT settings on. We are really hopeful for this card. And the streaming effect is great too you get around 60 FPS with RT settings on, and 76 FPS on the Ultra setting. There is still a slight pause, but it’s much lower conspicuous than ahead.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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Next up on the Ubisoft Connect shop is Watch Dogs Legion.

The performance on this card is enough good, especially compared to other desktop cards. With RT Ultra enabled, it hits 60 FPS, and with shaft tracing off, it hits 79 FPS. That is with DLSS Quality enabled, however. Either way, it’s surely better than the RTX 2070 Super.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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Moving over to homicide’s Creed Valhalla on Ubisoft Connect store gives the stylish results yet. When testing the RTX 3080 12 GB, we saw this title average 94 FPS at 1440p@ Ultra High quality. At the same settings, GeForce Now achieves 97 FPS. Although, there are some big frame dips, but they are most probably due to me switching back to a wireless connection.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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Time for a Brume game.

I have been playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns and I have been really enjoying it. The out-of-door Abbey sections can be relatively demanding, but if you turn on the shaft dogging option and set the quality to Epic, you can get around 63 FPS on an overclocked RTX 2070 Super.

I was hoping GeForce Now would do better with this game, but sorely it’s the same as ahead. My settings got me about 55 FPS, with some dips down to 45 FPS.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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The RTX 3080 laptop cards are each over the place in terms of performance. Some are worse than the RTX 3080 desktop card, some are more, and some are about the same. It all depends on what game you’re playing. So if you are looking to buy an RTX 3080 laptop, make sure you do your exploration first.

I was planning to try out Forza Horizon 5, Plague Tale Requiem, and Warhammer,000 Darktide on PC Game Pass. still, these are all titles that bear a lot of power, so I am not sure if my computer can handle it.

So Microsoft has its own pall gaming streaming service. which means it’s not gon na integrate with a rival. This is just another reason why people might prefer to buy their own plates card rather.

1080p@120 FPS and 4K@60 FPS Gaming

You can test out the 120 FPS point on GeForce Now Ultimate by turning off shaft dogging and switching to 1080p. It’s not ideal, but it’s still a great point to have. Thanks, Nvidia!

Hey there! I have been testing out some games on my new PC and I wanted to partake my findings with you. Valhalla runs at a enough harmonious 120 FPS at this resolution with the plates maxed. Both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 return around 100 FPS( DLSS Quality), and they look really nice and smooth, indeed with the occasional stutter. Turning on all shaft tracing goods in supported games tends to knock these frame rates down to around 70- 80 FPS at this resolution, but it’s still completely playable. Thanks for reading!

According to the most recent Steam check, over 65 of druggies have 1080p observers. This makes the 120 FPS point of GeForce Now a really compelling selling point for a lot of people.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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GeForce Now performed really well at 4K. All the games I tested looked great at this resolution, especially The Witcher 3. They ran easily at 60 FPS with DLSS set to quality and the plates settings maxed. still, turning on any form of shaft dogging will kill performance, cutting the frame rate in half or worse, which is a common issue at every resolution.

Mobile and TV

One of the stylish effects about game streaming is that you can play on any device, which is way better than having to buy a GPU for your PC.

The Xbox pall gaming service’s Game Pass Ultimate mobile app is enough emotional– I wonder if GeForce Now would be as good?

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an emotional mobile gaming device, especially when you connect an Xbox regulator. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a great game to play on it, and the Witcher 3 is unexpectedly smooth and looksgreat.However, this portability can be a real lifesaver, If you are staying in a hostel without a gaming laptop. Thanks, Samsung!

The GeForce Now app support on newer LG and Samsung TVs is great news for anyone with boxes located far from their PCs. I am looking forward to making the utmost of my LG C1’s 4K screen and 120Hz refresh rate.

Nvidia GeForce Now
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The smart app is limited to 1080p and 60Hz, which is a disappointment. still, it’ll presumably still look good on the big screen.

I start with the Witcher 3, but it takes ever to load. Once it eventually does, I see Geralt running around in a circle like he is on acid. The stuttering and pause are really bad, and GeForce Now says it’s because of a” spotty connection.” That is strange, since the television is connected directly to the router via ethernet. AC Valhalla is just as bad.


GeForce Now is not the same as having an RTX 3080 in your carriage; in utmost cases, games will actually run worse when streaming. That is just the way it is.

There is also a veritably slight declination to picture quality, the occasional lagginess, hitching indeed with the stylish internet connections, some bugginess, and the fact shaft tracing seems to kill framerates indeed more than it does on your original desktop GPU. But overall, I am still really enjoying the game!

It’s a pain that there are no PC game titles with the pass. And if your internet goes down, you are squinched. Plus, you do not get access to Nvidia plates features like the new AI- supported upscaling of vids.

GeForce Now is still the stylish game streaming service out there, indeed though it’s not perfect. It’s especially good for people in specific situations if you are coming from an aged or less important GPU, want great performance without spending a lot of plutocrat all at formerly, or like being suitable to play games on multiple bias in different places. Plus, playing at1080p@120fps or4K@60fps can be really stupendous if you have a display that supports those types of judgments .

the negative points combined with the small advancements over my RTX 2070 Super mean I am doubtful to subscribe beyond this first month. Nvidia is in the process of upgrading its Ultimate league to RTX 4080 cards, bringing upgraded performance that could make the subscription worth the plutocrat. At that point, I may review my decision.


  • A great way of enjoying1080p@120Hz and4K@60fps without buying an precious GPU
  • A small number of games perform better than the desktop RTX 3080
  • Play on numerous bias, access the service anywhere you have a good internet connection
  • The appearance of RTX 4080 cards could be a game changer, literally
  • No need to download or modernize games you’ve formerly bought


  • utmost titles’ performance is inferior to original original tackle, occasionally significantly
  • A( veritably) decent internet connection via ethernet helps a lot
  • Hitching, stuttering, and pause is an occasional annoyance
  • Can be perambulator
  • That$ 20 per month price snappily adds up
  • Not all games are supported

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