Explosive News: Microsoft’s Bold Move – Call of Duty & F2P Games Flooded with Ads



Back in early 2022, the world buzzed with excitement as Microsoft revealed its ambitious $68 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard. However, the journey has been marred by regulatory hurdles, with the UK and Federal Trade Commission repeatedly blocking the merger. But now, as Microsoft emerges victorious from its legal battles, a surprising twist may be in store for Call of Duty and free-to-play gaming enthusiasts – advertisements.

With the impending union of Xbox and Blizzard, a recent report has sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community, suggesting that Microsoft has its sights set on inserting ads into beloved titles like Call of Duty and free-to-play games.

The bombshell revelation came hot on the heels of a torrential leak that laid bare Xbox’s grand vision for the next decade. Twitter user CharlieINTEL shared a leak detailing Activision Blizzard’s newfound significance within the Xbox family. While the leak primarily centered on the Xbox Store for PC and the promise of all Activision Blizzard titles gracing Xbox Game Pass, a second image disclosed Microsoft’s potential plans to venture into advertising in games like Hearthstone, Call of Duty Mobile, and even the sweet realm of Candy Crush. Check out the leaked images below for a sneak peek.

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Notably, although the leak specifically mentioned the mobile version of Activision’s colossal franchise, Call of Duty, it left room for speculation about its impact on the PC platform. Furthermore, the second image raises questions about the fate of the beloved StarCraft franchise, which has been in relative hibernation since its remastered edition in 2017. The fact that StarCraft and its sequel are both free-to-play on the Battle.net website adds an extra layer of intrigue, as advertising could potentially find its way into this cherished series.

As excitement brews and gamers eagerly anticipate what Microsoft’s future holds, Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, has offered a tantalizing response to these leaks via a post on X (formerly Twitter). Spencer stated, “We will share the real plans when we are ready.” So, while these leaks have garnered attention and even received confirmation from Phil Spencer himself, it’s essential for fans to approach them with a pinch of skepticism. After all, they may not represent concrete plans set in stone. To catch up on all the thrilling Xbox leaks, dive into the details here.

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Hold onto your controllers, gaming enthusiasts, as the landscape of your favorite titles may soon be transformed by a wave of advertisements. Microsoft’s audacious move is poised to reshape the gaming industry – stay tuned for what’s to come.

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