Unbelievable! League of Legends Drops Bombshell Ranked Changes for 2024 – Get Ready to Climb THREE Times Faster!


League of Legends

In preparation for the 2024 season, League of Legends is set to undergo significant changes to its ranked gameplay, with the intention of enhancing the player experience. Riot Games’ developers, Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler, have outlined these changes in a vlog posted on the official League of Legends YouTube channel. Here’s a breakdown of the key modifications:

Three Ranked Splits: Instead of the previous two ranked splits per season, there will now be three splits. This adjustment aims to reduce the feeling of a lengthy and monotonous grind, providing players with more opportunities for fresh climbs and renewed competitive engagement.

Seasonal Resets: With each split, players will go through a ranked reset. This means that players’ ranks and MMR (Matchmaking Rating) will be adjusted, allowing them to embark on a new climb during each split. This approach is intended to offer a more dynamic and engaging experience throughout the season.

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Improved Rewards: Each split will culminate in its own set of rewards and Victorious skins, similar to the rewards that were traditionally granted at the end of full seasons. This change encourages players to actively participate in ranked play during each split to earn the rewards.

Gameplay Changes: While specific details regarding gameplay changes are limited, Riot Games has confirmed that major gameplay adjustments, typically seen during Preseason, will now be introduced on January 9, 2024, through patch 14.1. Notably, the Mythic item system, which has heavily influenced the game’s meta for the past two years, will be entirely overhauled.

Mythic Items Redesign: Mythic items, which have shaped the meta and itemization choices, will be undergoing a complete redesign. These items have previously dictated build paths and exclusive bonuses for Legendary items. The aim is to provide players with more diverse and flexible itemization options, deviating from the rigid tier system that has been in place.

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Map and Objective Changes: Expect to see alterations to the terrain of Summoner’s Rift and adjustments to objectives. These changes will likely impact gameplay strategies, creating new opportunities and challenges for players to navigate.

While detailed information about the gameplay changes is not extensively covered, the developers’ focus is on revitalizing the game’s meta, fostering a more engaging ranked experience, and introducing gameplay adjustments that have been traditionally reserved for Preseason.

For further insights and specifics on these changes, you can refer to the devlog video shared by Riot Games on their official YouTube channel. These modifications aim to keep League of Legends fresh, engaging, and continuously evolving for its player base. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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