Hot Wheels: Rift Rally A Preview of What’s Coming to PS5, PS4 and iOS


Hot Wheels: Rift Rally

Let’s get the party started! Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is hitting consoles and mobile on March 14. Get your pre-orders ready and jump into this mixed reality world of racing excitement! From developers Velan Studios, the same team behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – you won’t want to miss this one. Let’s hit the racetrack!

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally

Here’s a Summary of the Game Provided by Velan Studios:

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! It combines the best of two worlds, with players in control of their favorite Hot Wheels vehicle, the Chameleon RC car. This special car can digital transform into over 140 iconic Hot Wheels models and even exclusive Original vehicles. Enjoy customizing your own race tracks thanks to the Rift Gates, or show off your stunts without them in Stunt Mode. Explore Challenge Maps and face unique racing challenges – from drifts to burnouts and everything else – to earn rewards and hit high scores. Prepare for a fantastic adventure unlike any other!

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally
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Discover the power of the Chameleon and unlock over 140 iconic Hot Wheels vehicles! With the chameleon’s shapeshifting abilities, you can road race or stunt drive anywhere you want. Race your friends in Cooperative Play and Challenge Mode—then prepare for some extraordinary stunts with Stunt Mode. Get creative with Transform Your World and set up epic custom tracks, too! It’s an awesome way to have fun anytime, anywhere! Try out both Wheelie Edition and Double Dare Snare Edition today. Let the racing begin!

At Velan Studios, we’re absolutely delighted to introduce Hot Wheels: Rift Rally — a revolutionary new racing experience! This title marks yet another groundbreaking game that perfectly blends physical and digital play. Karthik Bala, our CEO explains it best: “Letting players race and customize their own world has been the driving force behind our mission – to create something that truly “It feels magical.” We hope you will join us on this incredible journey!

Mike DeLaet, the Global Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel, was overjoyed to announce “Velan Studios’ game design and technology adds a thrilling new play experience for Hot Wheels fans by transforming their home into an epic Hot Wheels track! With their digital car collection, this is going to be incredible!”

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