Unveiling Hauntii: The Mind-Blowing Afterlife Game You Won’t Believe Exists



Hauntii stands out as a gaming masterpiece, offering a truly unique perspective on the afterlife, eschewing the tired and overused paranormal clichés.

With its mesmerizing artwork, puzzle-focused gameplay, and a serene soundtrack that immerses you in its world, Hauntii beckons players into an alluring realm of the afterlife.

Blending elements of a twin-stick shooter with supernatural abilities, Hauntii welcomes you to the realm of DS, a place where souls find themselves after departing the mortal plane. But fear not, your soul is safe… for now. In the grand scheme of things, the ultimate “end” awaits us all. However, Hauntii offers a chance to savor both life and the afterlife without the whole “kicking the bucket” part.

You might have heard whispers about Hauntii, the indie ghost game, but it was only after catching new trailers at this summer’s Gamescom that it etched itself into my consciousness. So, you’ve transitioned into Eternity as a specter, right? Well, not quite. Hauntii breaks away from the usual ghost game tropes and creates a paradise that defies expectations. Its enchanting visuals, puzzle-centric gameplay, and soothing soundtrack paint a picture of an afterlife worth exploring.

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When you first lay eyes on Hauntii’s trailer, you can’t help but admire its sheer beauty. After all, the concept of Eternity should inherently be beautiful. Remember the movie “What Dreams May Come” starring Robin Williams? Don’t worry if you missed it; I watched it for you. The film’s depiction of heaven was both captivating and unsettling. In the realm of gaming, there seems to be a lack of middle ground when it comes to portraying the afterlife, often reducing it to satire or an opportunity for violent chaos. I mean no disrespect to exceptional titles like Doom, Diablo, Neon White, or Grim Fandango, but have we ever truly seen a thoughtful representation of the afterlife that doesn’t resort to comedy or fiery battles?

The trailers for Hauntii that we currently have all share a common starting point: the gateway to the afterlife. A ethereal figure cloaked in wisps materializes within a glass cone enclosure, gliding along a path through a dark, purple expanse. It momentarily feels like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, albeit with significantly deeper undertones. Much like the iconic Knight from Hollow Knight, Hauntii’s character design is minimalist, featuring a black cloak with a whimsical nightcap. Its childlike charm almost fooled me until the trailer unveiled glimpses of the intricate layers that make up Hauntii’s world. I had to watch it three times just to absorb all the details.

(Video Credit: GameTrailers)

Oh, what an intriguing Eternity it promises! Who would have thought that phantasms could unleash energy beams and manipulate inanimate objects through possession? Truly awe-inspiring. But these supernatural abilities raise a question: why would one need light weaponry in the afterlife? As it turns out, Hauntii also falls into the category of a twin-stick shooter. Throughout the demo, the ethereal and occasionally discordant music set the tone, while the color palette shifted from stark black and blue to warm sepia tones.

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I may not be an angel, but Hauntii and its portrayal of Eternity appear refreshingly inviting. It tackles the spirit world with grace, intrigue, and an underlying sense of foreboding. Fortunately, the trailer doesn’t give away too much, but it does seem to offer a balanced answer to that age-old question: “What happens to us when we die?” I’m already eagerly anticipating its release on the Nintendo Switch. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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