Genshin Impact 4.0 Update Phase 2: Disappointment Strikes Fans


Genshin Impact 4.0 Update

The much-anticipated Phase 2 of the Genshin Impact 4.0 Update has left fans disappointed due to leaked information about the upcoming banner’s lackluster 5-star weapon choices.

Childe’s Banner Highlights

Childe’s featured banner shines the spotlight on his signature weapon, the Polar Star Bow. However, the excitement fizzles out when looking at the remaining lineup, which fails to live up to expectations and doesn’t justify the urge to make summons.


A Better Alternative: Current Banner

For players on the hunt for a suitable weapon for Childe, the current banner emerges as a more compelling choice. With the Aqua Simulacra offering performance comparable to the Polar Star and a superior selection of other weapons, it becomes the preferred option.

High Expectations and Anniversary Hopes

As the Genshin Impact community eagerly awaits the official announcement from Hoyoverse regarding the second banner of the 4.0 Update, a recent leak has dashed the high hopes. This disappointment is amplified by the fact that this update coincides with the game’s third anniversary, leading to elevated expectations for the banner offerings.

The Leaked Lineup

A reliable leaker known as Hxg, as per information shared on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, disclosed the 5-star weapons featured in the second phase of the 4.0 weapon banner. Among them are the Polar Star Bow and the Vortex Vanquisher. However, this revelation hasn’t resonated well within the community. Given that Childe is the central character of the upcoming banner and the Polar Star Bow is tailored to him, the remaining weapon choices within the lineup have been met with disappointment.


Underwhelming Choices

The inclusion of weapons like the Dragon’s Bane and The Flute in the lineup contributes to the overall underwhelming sentiment. The Dragon’s Bane, being a frequently featured weapon in banners, has started to lose its appeal among players. When players are deliberating on which banner to invest in, the prominence of 4-star weapons plays a pivotal role. The odds of acquiring a 4-star weapon are notably higher than those for a 5-star weapon, with the latter sitting at a mere 0.7% chance. This accentuates the importance of strategic summoning, ensuring pulls are saved for banners that offer the most desired items.

A Wiser Choice: The Current Banner

Contrarily, players in search of a suitable weapon for Childe are advised to focus on the current banner. While the Aqua Simulacra might not match the prowess of the Polar Star when wielded by Childe, the disparity is not substantial. Moreover, the collection of 4-star weapons within the current banner stands out as notably more enticing. The sentiment echoed by numerous users underscores the excellence of most 5-star bows within the game. Consequently, the inclination to summon for the upcoming banner diminishes significantly.

In conclusion, the leak surrounding the Genshin Impact 4.0 Update Phase 2 banner has sparked disappointment among fans due to its lackluster 5-star weapon options. The anticipation for this banner was heightened, given its release coincides with the game’s third anniversary. However, the disparity in the lineup has led many to reconsider their summoning strategy, favoring the current banner for its superior weapon offerings tailored to Childe’s potential. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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