Galactus Gets Nerfed: A Game-Changing Update in Marvel Snap



In the realm of Marvel Snap, there has been a persistent annoyance that has plagued players for months. However, there is a glimmer of hope at last as the infamous card, Galactus, has undergone a significant power adjustment. This marks a major change to the long-awaited nerf card, making it more formidable and yet more conditional in its game-changing impact.

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The Galactus Conundrum

Since its initial launch, he has stood as a 6-cost, 2-power card capable of erasing all other spaces when played as the only card in its respective space. But with the latest patch, there has been a change in this world eater. Now a 7-Power card, he will only unleash its destructive force if it remains the only card and the player has a win condition on that spot.

Changing the Game

This change in Galactus brings about a significant change in the counter strategies employed against him. Previously, the most effective method of countering him involved deploying cards with Debris on the opponent’s side or using Aero to deflect him from his intended position. In a comprehensive explanation of the change, the developers at the Second Dinner stated that Galactus‘ win-rate was excessively high and that even successful counters against him failed to provide an enjoyable experience. The studio hopes that this modification will bring the challenge of combating the back to the level of contest of power that is at the core of Game’s gameplay mechanics. Additionally, this new conditional aspect allows for further adjustments to Galactus‘ power level if the balance tilts too far in either direction.

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Embracing the Core Mechanics

“By placing importance on winning through this approach, players can engage at the heart of Snap – using power to control places,” explains Second Diner. “Relying only on counters becomes frustrating, as no player has much control over their appearance. However, every deck should have the ability to muster 7 Power.”

Long Overdue Nerf

The community has voiced its complaints about him since its initial release, and the second supper is coming regarding the nerfs to come. This change coincides with the launch of the new Conquest Mode, where players compete for a series of uninterrupted victories using the Battle Mode format. Players can exchange earned currency for prizes, including special seasonal cards. However, the ultimate reward lies in winning the Infinity Conquest, which is only available during the final week. Achieving five consecutive victories in Infinity Conquest grants players a special Infinity Limit for their avatars.


The era of Galactus‘ dominance has been interrupted with a much-needed power adjustment in the Marvel snap. This change not only breathes new life into the game but also redefines the strategies employed against the formidable Galactus. As players adapt to this change, battles for control of power levels and locations will intensify, resulting in a more engaging and balanced gameplay experience.


What was Galactus’ power adjustment in Marvel Snap?

Galactus, the infamous card in game, has gone through a major power adjustment in the latest update. It is now a 7-power card instead of its previous 6-power, but it will only destroy other spaces if it remains the only card and the player is winning on that space.

Why was Galactus harassed?

Galactus got a nudge due to complaints from players about its overpowering nature. Developer Second Dinner acknowledged Galactus‘ high win-rate and frustration players faced even when successfully countering the card.

How does power adjustment affect Galactus’ combat?

The power adjustment significantly changes the strategies used to combat Galactus. Instead of relying on specific counters, the focus has now shifted to competing for power levels, aligning with Marvel Snap‘s core gameplay mechanics.

Can Galactus’ power level be further adjusted?

Yes, with the conditional effects introduced in the latest patch, Galactus‘ power level can be further adjusted if it becomes unbalanced in either direction. This allows fine-tuning to maintain a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience.

What is Infinity Conquest in Marvel Snap?

Infinity Conquest is a new game mode introduced in the game. It challenges players to achieve a series of consecutive victories using the Battle Mode format. Winning five consecutive matches in Infinity Conquest rewards players with a special Infinity Border for their avatar.

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