Breaking News: Sony’s Jaw-Dropping Move with September 2023’s PS Plus Games Leaves Gamers Speechless! Get Ready for a Rollercoaster of Emotions!


PS Plus Games

In a thrilling announcement, Sony has lifted the curtain on the captivating lineup of free PS Plus Games for the month of September 2023. The upcoming offerings include the enticing titles of Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero.

Mixed Receptions and Unique Gameplay

Saints Row, the much-anticipated reboot from last year, left fans with mixed emotions as it launched, failing to completely capture the essence of its predecessors. Meanwhile, Black Desert: Traveler Edition, although a niche MMORPG, garnered limited interest due to its distinctive nature. On a different note, Generation Zero faced a storm of negative reception upon its release.

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Community Reaction and Remaining Opportunities

The unveiling of the September 2023 game selection has brought about disappointment among numerous PS Plus subscribers. However, it’s important to note that there’s still time for these subscribers to claim the array of free games from the preceding month of August.

The Early Revelation and Anticipation

Sony has officially pulled back the curtain on the collection of complimentary PlayStation Plus games for September 2023. Awaiting with bated breath, PlayStation Plus subscribers have come to anticipate these fresh game announcements every final Wednesday of the month. An interesting twist unfolded when a leak preemptively unveiled one of the upcoming titles.

Verified Leak and Additional Surprises

In a turn of events, the reputable leaker known as billbil-kun accurately predicted that the revamped 2022 edition of Saints Row would be featured among the free PS Plus games for September 2023. With Sony’s official confirmation, this leak stands validated, and Sony has thrown two more titles into the ring for PS Plus subscribers to seize this coming September.

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Grasp the Opportunity

From September 5 until October 2, fortunate PlayStation Plus subscribers will have the opportunity to acquire Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero. With both PS4 and PS5 versions available for all three games, even those who haven’t yet upgraded to Sony’s latest console can indulge in these offerings. Immerse yourself in the open-world action and crime universe of Saints Row, embark on a fantasy-filled journey with Black Desert, or dive into the survival-focused FPS gameplay of Generation Zero.

An Unfortunate Turn and Expressions of Discontent

Regrettably, the free PS Plus game lineup for September 2023 hasn’t garnered the reception Sony might have hoped for. Numerous fans have expressed their discontent with this selection.

A Look Back at August and the Road Ahead

Let’s not forget, time is of the essence. While the clock ticks away, the free PS Plus games for August 2023 remain up for grabs for subscribers. As of this moment, you still have the opportunity to lay claim to these titles. August’s offerings included the critically acclaimed Death’s Door, the imaginative Dreams, and the engaging PGA Tour 2K23. Interestingly, these games received mostly positive reviews, standing in contrast to the reception of the September 2023 lineup.

Anticipating a Bright Future

For those disheartened by the September choices, a silver lining lies ahead. The upcoming batch of free PS Plus games, slated for release in October, holds the promise of renewed excitement and anticipation. Stay tuned for these upcoming additions to the gaming experience! Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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