Enchanted Portals Launches Sept. 6 for PS5, Xbox Series, Switch & PC, PS4 & Xbox One Versions Coming Soon


Enchanted Portals

Start a journey like none other in the captivating side-scrolling cooperative platformer, “Enchanted Portals.” Prepare to be whisked away into a realm of enchantment and wonder, where the boundaries of reality blur. Set to grace the realms of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and the realms of PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store on the magical date of September 6, courtesy of the visionary collaboration between publisher Perp Games and the ingenious minds at Xixo Games Studio. The enchantment will extend its embrace to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just a few weeks later, ensuring that all are immersed in the spellbinding experience. The physical edition shall manifest for the PlayStation 5 on the auspicious day of September 28, becoming a tangible token of this mystical odyssey.

Enchanted Portals
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Venture forth and acquaint yourself with the tale that unfolds within Enchanted Portals. Within its heart, two novice magicians, the spirited Bobby, and the plucky Penny, discover themselves ensnared amidst the threads of dimensions. Bound by fate, they embark on a whimsical pilgrimage through a tapestry of bewitching realms. The onus now rests upon your shoulders, as you guide these spellbinding souls back to their rightful dimension and restore the balance to the Magic Book.

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Prepare to be serenaded by melodies that linger, immersed in a visual tapestry reminiscent of a bygone era, and engulfed by a symphony of humor that dances across the narrative landscape. Enchanted Portals is not merely a game, but a symphony of collaboration, a 2D platformer that transcends boundaries. Whether traversing the journey in solitary splendor or in the company of a kindred spirit, the enchantment knows no pause. Action unfurls in a ceaseless cascade of whimsy, ever-quickened and vibrant. Join hands with Bobby and Penny, be a part of their mystical voyage, and bear witness to the extraordinary that awaits!

Enchanted Portals unveils a trove of marvels

  • Engage in harmonious cooperation or embark on an individual odyssey.
  • Traverse an array of arduous platform stages, each a gateway to diverse dimensions.
  • Confront enthralling titans in spellbinding duels, where every battleground emerges as a canvas of vivid hues, and myriad phases await your traversal.
  • Possess an arsenal of incantations and maneuvers at your beck and call. From flames that rage, ice that chills, to winds, that beckon, these arcane arts shall be at your disposal from the onset. Harness the power of the double-jump for mastery of the skies, conjure a magical bubble to thwart any onslaught, and even take to the heavens on a broom or plunge into the depths of the aquatic unknown.
  • The whims of fate may bestow a range of afflictions upon you: a curtailed leap, an inability to strike… a cascade of trials that elevate the challenge and infuse zest into the gameplay.

Unveil the magic that awaits within the trailer below, a harbinger of the enchanting journey that lies ahead.

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