New Dwarf Fortress Update for Linux: Fixes for Pesky Marksdwarves and More!


Dwarf Fortress Update

The latest update for the legendary simulation game, Dwarf Fortress, is now available on Linux, bringing with it a slew of crucial fixes and improvements to the graphical edition. This marks an exciting development for fans of this unique and challenging game, known for its complexity and intricacy.

The release of this update was slightly delayed due to the primary developer, Tarn Adams, recovering from a bout of COVID-19. But the wait has been worth it, as the patch brings several much-needed enhancements, making the Dwarf Fortress experience even better.

According to Kitfox Games, the update includes the ability to review old alerts, ensuring that your fortress remains well-informed about past events. Additionally, ammunition will now function correctly when soldiers change their uniforms, eliminating the issue of items decaying in their rooms. One significant bug that has been squashed is the one affecting marksdwarves. Previously, they had trouble picking up ammunition when assigned a custom kit. This fix is a boon for players who want to ensure their soldiers are equipped with the right gear for their roles.

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In true Dwarf Fortress fashion, the update also comes with a dose of humor in the form of quirky patch notes. One of the highlights is the note that reads, “Made creatures more able to get out of trees.” While normally not a problem, it’s a delightful reminder of the game’s unique charm.

Another substantial improvement involves optimizing the relationship lookup for socializing dwarves. This seemingly small change has a significant impact as it reduces the CPU cycles spent on dwarves trying to decipher complex family connections, thus improving the game’s performance.

With Linux support now in place, the developers are gearing up for a significant expansion in adventure mode, the world-spanning roguelike exploration RPG aspect of Dwarf Fortress. They promise further updates to enhance the interface and control options, making the game even more accessible to players who prefer keyboard and mouse controls.

So, if you’re a fan of Dwarf Fortress or curious about this one-of-a-kind gaming experience, be sure to check out the latest update on Steam. It’s a step forward for the game, and there’s even more excitement on the horizon as adventure mode gets the attention it deserves. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive into the depths of Dwarf Fortress like never before!

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