Anticipated Release Date Update for Dragon Age Dreadwolf


Dragon Age Dreadwolf

The gaming community’s excitement for the forthcoming addition to the Dragon Age series, titled “Dragon Age Dreadwolf,” might have to be extended until at least mid-2024, as per new information.

Insider Insights from Jeff Grubb

Renowned within the gaming industry, Jeff Grubb, has shared an unfortunate update regarding the release date. He revealed this disappointing piece of news during the recent episode of Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Mornings show. According to Grubb, while initially, there was a hope for the game to launch in 2023, the timeline has now been pushed considerably, possibly into 2024 or even beyond. Grubb mentioned, “At one point, it seemed plausible for Dragon Age to make its appearance this year. In fact, there was an internal consideration for a release as soon as next month, which would have been September 2023.” However, Grubb indicated that fans might have to wait until at least summer 2024 for the release of Dreadwolf. Unfortunately, this might not even be the final delay, as Grubb’s prediction hints at the potential for a release towards the end of 2024 or even an early 2025 launch.

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Initial Hopes and Current Realities

Earlier in the year, rumors had circulated that BioWare was aiming for an autumn release for Dragon Age Dreadwolf. However, the latest developments suggest otherwise. Publisher EA’s exclusion of the game from its list of releases for the current fiscal year implies that Dreadwolf might not grace screens until at least April 2024.

Adding to the changes, BioWare underwent a significant restructuring, resulting in the elimination of 50 positions from its development team, and the disassociation from playtest company Keywords.

Exploring Dragon Age Dreadwolf

Unveiling the Title and Antagonist

In 2018, BioWare introduced the concept of a new Dragon Age installment. It wasn’t until June 2022 that the developer officially disclosed the title as “Dreadwolf.” Fans were excited to learn that Solas, a companion and optional love interest from “Inquisition,” would take on the role of the antagonist. Although the confirmation came four years after the initial announcement, hints from the conclusion of “Trespasser,” a DLC for “Inquisition,” had fueled speculation about Solas’ central role in the upcoming game.

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Development Progress and Platforms

As of October 2022, BioWare’s General Manager, Gary McKay, proudly shared that “Dreadwolf” had successfully surpassed the alpha stage, marking a significant milestone where the game is now playable from start to finish. While an exact release date remains elusive, a job listing for a lead designer on the project revealed that the next Dragon Age installment will exclusively launch on next-generation gaming consoles. Furthermore, BioWare’s commitment to delivering an exceptional single-player experience was emphasized, putting to rest any concerns about the game’s focus.

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While the news of a delayed release for “Dragon Age Dreadwolf” might be disappointing, fans can take solace in the knowledge that BioWare is dedicated to crafting an immersive and captivating experience. The anticipation surrounding the game’s unique storyline, the formidable antagonist Solas, and the promise of next-gen console performance only adds to the excitement. As we await further updates, it’s clear that “Dreadwolf” is poised to be a remarkable addition to the beloved Dragon Age franchise.

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