Unveiling the Game-Changer: Citizen Sleeper 2 Set to Dominate Game Pass with Thrilling Debut!


Citizen Sleeper 2 Starward Vector

In a significant announcement for gaming enthusiasts, Citizen Sleeper 2 Starward Vector is set to debut on Game Pass for both Xbox and PC on its very launch day. This exciting news comes in tandem with the continuation of the original Citizen Sleeper’s availability on Game Pass, with no intentions of its removal from the library in the foreseeable future.

Citizen Sleeper 2 Starward Vector
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This revelation comes directly from Xbox’s Gamescom showcase, which not only treated us to fresh insights into Citizen Sleeper 2 but also introduced the novel location of Hexport, taking the helm from the station featured in the inaugural game. Described as a dynamic “bustling waystation,” Hexport has been constructed from abandoned solar reflectors, forming a self-sufficient community from scratch. The primary focus here revolves around assembling our crew, giving rise to the anticipation of encountering numerous individuals at Hexport; however, it’s crucial to note that not all interactions will be amicable.

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Citizen Sleeper 2 once again casts players in the role of a Sleeper—an android owned by a corporation and heavily reliant on a substance exclusively provided by the corporate powers. Nevertheless, the trailer tantalizingly hints at our Sleeper’s breakthrough in shattering this dependency, much to the discontent of the capitalist overlords. The prospect of other Sleepers attaining this newfound autonomy threatens to dismantle their empire.

Jump Over the Age, the game’s developer, divulges that Citizen Sleeper 2 introduces a “ramshackle ship” experience coupled with the capacity to amass a crew. Navigating a “system-wide crisis” will present players with multifaceted endings, mirroring the choices of the first installment. Overall, the game encapsulates the enduring yearning of the Sleeper for freedom.

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Developer insights shed light on the expansion of the original Citizen Sleeper’s narrative framework within Citizen Sleeper 2 Starward Vector. This sequel not only advances the broader storyline initiated by the first game but also opens up a more expansive terrain for exploration. According to the developer, the game preserves the acclaimed and award-winning dice-based Tabletop RPG-inspired gameplay of its predecessor while integrating fresh systems and mechanics that contribute enhanced depth, complexity, and challenge.

Although an official release date for Citizen Sleeper 2 remains undisclosed, the assurance of its inclusion on Game Pass is undoubtedly heartening. If you’re yet to delve into the inaugural game, our comprehensive review from the previous year awaits your perusal. Garnering the prestigious Game of the Year accolade over fierce contenders such as Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok, we extolled, “Citizen Sleeper rises above games with astronomical budgets to underscore the profound influence of gaming.” Our Features editor, Ben Sledge, wholeheartedly endorsed the game with a perfect 5/5 rating in his review, unable to uncover any flaws in this ambitious indie marvel.

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