Blizzard Expands its Game Collection to Steam, Beginning with Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2

Great news for gamers and fans of Blizzard’s titles! The renowned game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has made an exciting announcement—they are bringing a selection of their games to Steam, with Overwatch 2 being the first in line.

Overwatch 2
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Overwatch 2 Hits Steam: Mark Your Calendars for August 10!

Starting from August 10, gaming enthusiasts can head over to Steam and grab their copy of Overwatch 2. As a free-to-play team-based game, Blizzard believes that Overwatch 2 is the ideal title to mark their debut on the Steam platform.

Listening to Players: Blizzard’s Customer-Centric Approach

Blizzard Entertainment has always been dedicated to putting players first. As stated by Mike Ybarra, the president of Blizzard Entertainment, their goal is to listen to players and surpass their expectations in every endeavor. While continues to be a priority for the company, they acknowledge the players’ desire to have options, and that’s why they are partnering with Valve to bring a selection of their games to Steam.

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Overwatch 2 Coexisting on Steam and

For players who are already enjoying Overwatch 2 through, fret not! The game’s presence on Steam doesn’t mean any drastic changes for you. You can continue playing on as usual.

Connecting Overwatch 2 on Steam

Players who opt for Steam can easily connect their game to a account, just like on other platforms. This connection is necessary for all players, regardless of the platform they choose. The advantage of using Steam lies in additional features, including access to Steam achievements, your Steam friends list, and the ability to invite them to join you in-game.

What’s Next for Blizzard and Steam?

Excitingly, this is just the beginning! Blizzard has hinted at the possibility of more games making their way to Steam. Though no specifics have been revealed yet, fans can look forward to further announcements in due course.

The Live Overwatch 2 Steam Page: Wishlist Now!

The Overwatch 2 Steam page is already live! Be sure to visit and add the game to your wishlist to receive updates and stay in the loop regarding its release.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and Steam is a treat for the gaming community. Overwatch 2’s arrival on Steam marks the first step towards expanding Blizzard’s game collection on the platform. With the promise of more exciting games to come, players can expect a thrilling future filled with fantastic titles to enjoy on Steam. So, save the date, August 10, and gear up to experience the action-packed world of Overwatch 2 on Steam!

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