Unbelievable 89-Hit Combo in Mortal Kombat 1 Leaves Gamers Speechless!


Mortal Kombat 1 Shang Tsung points claws

The recently released “Mortal Kombat 1” has taken the gaming world by storm, receiving widespread acclaim as a refreshing return to the series’ roots. This soft reboot of the iconic, blood-soaked fighting franchise reintroduces beloved characters with revamped gameplay mechanics and a plethora of brutal finishing moves that have left fans astounded. Adding to the excitement, the game features an impressive roster of Kameo Fighters, extra characters that can be summoned for assist moves in critical moments. But what’s truly capturing the internet’s attention is a remarkable 89-hit combo that’s been making waves.

On the platform formerly known as Twitter (now X), the Mortal Kombat pro player known as NinjaKilla212, whose real name is Jarrad Gooden, shared a mind-boggling video showcasing his execution of an 89-hit combo. In the video, Shang Tsung keeps Baraka airborne by skillfully combining Flaming Skulls and Scorpion’s Kameo attacks. With precise timing, NinjaKilla212 pulls off an astonishing 89 consecutive hits before allowing his opponent to touch the ground. This combo is a prime example of the endless possibilities the game offers, and a testament to Shang Tsung’s status as the franchise’s ultimate villain.

Since its upload on Wednesday night, the video has garnered over a million views, and it’s not hard to understand why. While some gamers have pointed out that “MK1” includes safeguards to break extremely long combos, most of the comments are filled with awe at NinjaKilla212’s incredible skills.

In his post, NinjaKilla212 playfully asks, “What would you do if your opponent used this combo in a tournament?” Gamers were astonished by the combo’s length, and NinjaKilla212 humorously added, “This combo could be even longer, lowkey.” Pro gamer Patient-Impulse commented, “This is unreal… I’d probably lose the round before I even land.” One X user humorously suggested they could change their entire life in the time it takes to finish this combo.

It’s challenging to envision how this combo would fare in a live competitive setting. Frankly, it’s the kind of onslaught that would leave even the most composed Kombatants on the verge of rage-quitting, as some fans humorously admitted. The developers at NetherRealm Studios appear to anticipate such reactions, as the game includes “Quitalities,” humorous finishing moves that trigger if a player prematurely exits an online match before its proper conclusion.

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